CWRU | First Year

Register your loved ones for Parent Orientation

Parents of the class of 2021 are encouraged to attend Parent Orientation Sunday, Aug. 20 to Monday, Aug. 21. This two-day event overlaps with the first days of New Student Orientation (Aug. 20 to 27), in which all first-year students participate, and is designed to help parents of new students understand their student’s transition to Case Western Reserve.

Register on your New Student Checklist.

Screen Shot 2013-07-11 at 1.14.29 PMParticipants will learn how CWRU supports new students, and how they can encourage their college students’ growth. They will also have the opportunity to hear from President Barbara R. Snyder, meet representatives from vital student services and more.

Parents can expect to spend about half their day with their college student and half in programs specific to them, as their first-year student participates in their own orientation activities. Educational sessions will range from financial aid information to experiential learning and many other topics. Parents will have the opportunity to attend a “Where are my Classes?” tour with their students to see where they will spend their time in class, studying, participating in labs and just hanging out on campus. There also will be an Information and Bank Fair where participants can ask questions of representatives from various campus offices and even secure a bank account for their student.

There is much to learn and enjoy at Parent Orientation, so plan to spend most of Sunday and all of Monday on campus with us. There are plenty of local shopping areas, and those who want to take care of last-minute shopping should do so before orientation activities begin.