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Case Western Reserve campus now tobacco-free

Case Western Reserve University has a strong focus on promoting wellness and reducing health risks. In support of this mission, we have joined many other colleges and universities as a tobacco-free campus.

Each year, approximately one in five people in the United States die prematurely of diseases caused by tobacco use including complications from secondhand smoke and smokeless tobacco. There is no risk-free level of tobacco use; therefore, our policy is designed to include all tobacco products. Improving the health of members of the university community by providing resources for tobacco cessation is a critical component of this endeavor.

In addition to promoting public health, this campus-wide tobacco-free policy will be economically beneficial. Benefits may include reduced employee and student health care costs and absenteeism, increased employee productivity, and additional cost savings related to grounds and facility maintenance.

The decision to become tobacco-free has been strongly influenced by local, state and national trends. Because of the public health, economic, and environmental benefits associated with being a tobacco free community, 48% of Association of American Universities have adopted tobacco-free policies.

In addition, numerous local institutions have adopted similar policies. If you would like to read the full policy and access the many cessation resources available on campus and in the Cleveland community.

If you have any questions please contact the First Year Experience and Family Programs at

Tobacco-Free Policy

This policy applies to all persons on CWRU property, regardless of their purpose for being there (e.g., staff, faculty, students, patients, visitors, contractors, subcontractors, etc.).

CWRU prohibits the use of tobacco products at all times on campus property.

The university is committed to providing support to the entire population who wishes to stop using tobacco products. Faculty, staff and students should refer to the Resources section if they need assistance with tobacco cessation.

The success of this policy requires a collaborative effort of the entire CWRU community. Staff, faculty and students on campus will engage in positive and respectful communication and interactions in regards to this policy. Concerns will be addressed in a respectful and thoughtful manner.

The sale, advertising, sampling and distribution of tobacco products and tobacco-related merchandise is prohibited on all CWRU property.

Use of university funds for purchase of tobacco or tobacco-related products is prohibited, unless such use is permitted under the exception stated below.

Tobacco use may be permitted for authorized research with prior approval of the Office of the Provost, and, in the case of smoking, the review and recommendation of the university’s Department of Environmental Health & Safety.

Why is This Important?

The university has accepted the opinion of the Surgeon General that smoking is the largest preventable cause of illness and premature death. Because the university has substantial commitments to health-related research and teaching, it has a parallel commitment to protect the health of students, employees and guests and to be in compliance with the State of Ohio smoking ban set out in Chapter 3794 of the Ohio Revised Code. To foster a healthy culture and environment, the university is a tobacco-free campus.