CWRU | First Year

Complete online module about interpersonal safety

Sexual misconduct is an unfortunate fact on college campuses around the world. Research conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice indicates that college students are most vulnerable to sexual misconduct during their first four semesters at college. Although CWRU does not present a higher degree of risk than other colleges and universities, we hope to reduce the risk of sexual misconduct by raising awareness about sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence and stalking prior to your arrival on campus.

As part of your New Student Checklist, you are required to complete an online educational module about sexual misconduct, intimate partner violence and stalking. A number of your peers are featured in the module to help you understand the University’s sexual misconduct policy and social life at CWRU.

The Title IX office will review the information provided in the modules with you during orientation in August.

Complete the Title IX module on your New Student Check List.