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How and why to use LinkedIn as a college student

The number of students creating LinkedIn profiles has increased dramatically over the past few years, however, many students are unaware of the advanced features on LinkedIn to build their network and uncover opportunities not yet advertised to the general public.

Below are some tips from the Career Center for using LinkedIn as a first-year student:

Find alumni
The Find Alumni feature is located on your LinkedIn toolbar under the “My Network” tab.

This feature gives you some data-mining ability to see which employers are hiring CWRU students and alumni. It also allows you to narrow the search by occupation, geography or major. This can help you create a targeted list of employers, alumni and fellow students to develop your network and uncover hidden opportunities.

Give a closer look to other people’s profiles
Don’t feel awkward about looking at other people’s profiles. People make their profiles public for a reason. There is useful information easily available.

For instance, if you look at the profiles of recent alumni and pay attention to where they interned previously, it can help you identify companies you hadn’t considered as potential opportunities. The same goes for paying close attention to which LinkedIn Groups students and alumni are joining. Keep scrolling and you can find that information as well.

Explore fields of study
The Field of Study Explorer is located on your LinkedIn toolbar under the “Interests” tab.

The feature will self-populate with your chosen field of study and provide you with global data of everyone with a LinkedIn profile, including where they work, what they do and where they went to school. It also gives you the ability to narrow the search results by country and major metro area. This is extremely useful for people trying to create a targeted list of employers in certain geographies that hire people with your specific field of study.

Join groups
There are a variety of ways to find groups. The easiest way is by using the search box above the LinkedIn toolbar. It has a drop-down arrow that allows you to select “Groups.” Start by typing in your major or career field, and see how many groups are present in your area of interest. The right groups can serve as another way to expand your professional network and provide useful industry information.

If you need more guidance on using LinkedIn to maximize your internship or job search, make an appointment in person at the Career Center (Sears 229) or email