CWRU | First Year

Drop/add ends Friday. Finalize your enrollment

The drop/add period ends Friday, Sept. 8. All course enrollments (i.e. additions to your schedule) must be complete by this time.

Adjustments can be made until 11:59 p.m. Sept. 8, but please note the Office of Undergraduate Studies and the registrar, along with most administrative offices on campus, close at 5 p.m.

You are strongly advised to add courses as early in the drop/add period as possible, as you are responsible for making up any work missed in the course. After the drop/add period ends, you will still be able to withdraw from courses through the last day of classes/ You will not be able to add classes after this date.

As you are contemplating and finalizing your schedule, please review the following questions:

  • Are you enrolled in all the courses you intend to take and for the proper number of credit hours, including musical ensemble/lesson, physical education/varsity sport, or independent study/research?
  • If enrolled in a course that is part of a sequence, are you in the appropriate level? If you have concerns about this, speak with the course instructor.
  • The recommended courseload is 14 to 17 credit hours. Are you enrolled in an appropriate amount of credit hours?
  • Have you been granted special permissions (closed class, requisites not met, instructor consent, etc.)? If so, you must use SIS to enroll in the course once permission is granted.
  • Are you attending the section of the course in which you are enrolled, and are you are enrolled in the sections you are attending?

If you are making adjustments to your schedule, be sure to consult your academic advisor. If you need assistance making adjustments, you should contact your residential college director or Dean Mason in the Office of Undergraduate Studies during walk-in hours.