CWRU | First Year

Pass/no pass and withdrawals: What you need to know

Friday, Dec. 8 is the deadline for first-year students to withdraw from individual courses, elect the pass/no pass grading option for one course or withdraw entirely from the fall semester.

There are many factors to consider before exercising these options. So be sure to consult your academic mentors before making a hasty decision. Give yourself enough time to speak to course instructors, your academic advisor, your Residential College Director and/or your dean in the Office of Undergraduate Studies so you can choose soundly.

As you consider your options, please keep these rules and restrictions in mind:

  • Any course from which you withdraw during your first two terms of enrollment will be deleted from your official transcript.
  • There are restrictions on the usage of the pass/no pass grading option, so make sure to review the policy when deciding whether to elect it. Notably, courses graded pass/no pass may not be used to satisfy major, minor or general education requirements. If you opt for pass/no pass on a graded course, you’ll need to repeat it—for a letter grade—to apply the credit toward specific academic requirements.
  • Generally, international students and varsity athletes who are currently competing must be actively enrolled in 12 credit hours to satisfy visa or eligibility requirements. Questions about this can be directed to International Student Services or the Department of Athletics for further clarification.
  • Students who elect a complete withdraw from the fall semester will not be eligible to enroll for the spring and summer semesters, but may petition to return for fall 2018. This exception may be granted by the Academic Standing Board.

Before you withdraw from or elect pass/no pass for a course, speak to your instructor. Confirm your standing in the course, and understand what is required to earn a satisfactory grade.

You should also discuss this decision with your advisor. Talk about how future coursework and your academic standing will be affected. For example, ask how your choice will affect your spring semester schedule. It is critical to work with all the facts when making enrollment decisions.

If, after careful consideration, you decide that withdrawing or electing pass/no pass is in your best interest, you may do so using SIS—as long as you remain enrolled in 12 or more credit hours for the semester.

If the withdrawal will drop your enrollment below 12 credit hours, you will need to complete a drop/add form in consultation with your residential college director or a dean in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. If you are considering a complete withdrawal from the semester, contact your residential college director or dean for step-by-step guidance.

The online process will be available through 11:59 p.m. Friday, Dec. 8. Students who need to complete a paper process or wish to consult with university staff will need to do so before 5 p.m. that day.

Bear in mind that you must earn 9 credit hours and a 2.000 GPA to remain in good academic standing. Review the academic standing regulations if you have questions about the consequences of not meeting the criteria. You must remain in good academic standing to be eligible for most CWRU scholarships, so recipients should review the scholarship retention criteria.

Questions about any of these options, as well as policies and procedures, should be directed to your residential college director or dean in the Office of Undergraduate Studies. You may contact them by email, meet with them during walk-in hours or call the Office of Undergraduate Studies (216.368.2928) to arrange an appointment.