CWRU | First Year

Five helpful tips from a CWRU senior as you prepare for finals

20170927_case_western_0445As you prepare for your first set of finals at Case Western Reserve University, we want to help you with a few tips and pointers given to us by a senior who’s been in your shoes.

  1. Make sure you are awake. For those of you who have finals early in the morning, set several alarms and give yourself at least an hour before your final. Nothing is worse than coming into your final flustered because you have been scrambling to get all your stuff together before dashing to get to your final on time. Wake up early, take a shower, eat breakfast, and make sure you are fully awake and ready to take your finals.
  1. Get into gear. Getting together with some friends to review topics or doing some last-minute practice problems will get your mind ready for a final exam. Warmups are just as applicable to tests as they are to sports practices and musical recitals. Getting yourself in test-taking mode is also a great way to focus and keep yourself from getting too nervous.
  1. Double-check the time and location of all of your finals. Most of your finals will have the date and time listed in SIS. Not all final exams are held in the same room as the lecture, so make sure you know where to go and when you have to be there.
  1. Pack everything that you need the night before. Make sure your calculator, ruler, pencils and pens are all in your backpack before you go to bed. Nothing is going to give you more anxiety than sitting in your desk five minutes before the exam and realizing you left your calculator or notes in your room. Make sure that you also have spare batteries and a pencil sharpener if you need them.
  1. Try to show up a little early if you can. Arriving late is problematic during finals. The rooms will be deadly quiet, so when you open the door everyone will know that you are not on time. Get to the room 15 to 20 minutes before your final starts. You’ll be able to pick your seat, settle in and do everything you need to do mentally to prepare yourself for your final. In addition, your professor will probably arrive a few minutes before you have to start, so if you end up being in the wrong room you’ll be able to quickly get to the right place.

Finals may seem like a very scary time in college, but remember everyone is just as nervous as you are. Best wishes for a strong end to the semester!